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How to Conquer Math And Life: A Guide to Creating Plans for the Achievement of Your Goals


Thoughts are things! You can be successful at math and life even if you have never done well at either. everyone has a purpose that is unique, it may appear similar to others, but it is guaranteed, by many accounts, that your path is distinct from any other human being’s.


Throughout this book you will find a philosophy on achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. Emphasis will be placed on the application of this philosophy in the understanding of the subject of mathematics, while using examples in the authors’ life to demonstrate the philosophy.


This book highlights the way that has worked for the author, reading this book may spark the idea you needed to kick-start your success journey – your true path will come from within you.


Island Survival: A Family Drama


In the early 2000s, Kingston had many beautiful and amazing features… but it is also riddled with violence.


It was a time where it was less modern than it is now in Jamaica, where cell phones were few in numbers and unsophisticated, and communication between individuals was very infrequent. The literacy rate of the population was low but Courtney was educated at a prominent high school in Kingston.


Courtney has always been a reserved young man, an introvert in fact. Courtney had a loving mother and stepfather, who cared for him deeply. He and his father, Hector, did not have the best of relationships but Hector did care for Courtney.


So, why was Courtney stabbed in the head? What did he get involved in that brought him to that juncture? This story unfolds the sequence of events that culminated in Courtney being stabbed.

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