Why is it important to find your purpose in life?

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What is your purpose in life answer?

I am a firm believer in that everyone has a specific purpose in this world and that is was designed that way for everyone’s life experience to be joyful. If everyone were the same, life would be boring!

Identifying our unique reason for being here; and working towards realizing that purpose is the secret to a happy life. Straying from this course brings frustration and anger, sometimes you find yourself not being able to identify the source of your frustration.

Sense of purpose at work – how your purpose aids your success!

For your goals to be attracted to you, it must:

  • Be backed by your purpose
    • Your reason (why power is a lot stronger than will power)
  • This reason(s) must be fixed and clearly defined
    • Not vague or general. In other words, they must be precise – it should be exact.

Your purpose must coincide with the purpose of nature, which is:

  • More life to all and less to none!

A success mentality

  • Some people have the tendency to want good things for themselves while wishing the worse for others. You must avoid this type of thinking!
  • Then there are others that believe that things are limited – there is one pie and for them to win, others have to loose. You must put this kind of thinking aside also!
  • There is never a shortage of what you want. There is unlimited amount of stuff that can be moulded to form what you want:
    1. God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus – Philippians 4:19
    2. God is able to make all grace to occur in great quantities toward you; that you always have all sufficiency in all things – 2 Corinthians 9:6
  • You must maintain this mentality so your mind can produce what you want. In the words of Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you will be right”. And this is because, as was mentioned in the previous chapter, your thoughts will be manifested into reality.
  • Finally, you are to strive to create not to compete, when you compete you reduce the chance of others rising with you. And be careful of the insidious temptation to rule over others read Luke 23:37-44, to see Jesus’ condemnation of the desire to sit in high places and to rule over others.

Sense of purpose at work – When taking Action!

  • Put all your power into every action, to do this:
    • You must briefly think on your goal and purpose
      • The thought of its promise will bring forth your best efforts

Discovering your purpose quiz

Discover  how you can identify your purpose in life by taking the purpose quiz. Join the group and take the test for free!

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